By Virginia Carrell Prowell

As the old saying goes,

“What’s more lovely than a day in May?”

As I stroll through my yard and deck on a bright and sunny day,

Flowers and birds create a multicolored canopy

The pink, purple, yellow and red Rhododendrons,

The lavender Lilacs, Lacy Azaleas, pink and purple plus blue hyacinths, the Elderberry bush is a mass of cream-colored petals,

The red Maple bush, is a crowning jewel.

On the deck, massive flocks of brilliant Gold Finches converge upon the feeders followed by the striking red House and Cassin Finch.

Joining in the frenzy are the yellow and black Evening Grosbeak along with the spotted black-headed Grosbeak with its stunning orange breast.

The bold and beautiful royal blue Stellar Jay is an uninvited guest.

The sleek and shining Silver and Blue Swallow perches near, protecting its nest.

Red wing Blackbirds come and go

As I look down at the rippling river below

It reminds how lucky and blessed I am to be alive and witness this lovely day in May.

-Virginia Prowell