EDITOR’S NOTE: Regular Pioneer readers will recognize this poet’s name – the author of the “Diary of the Depot” – and we have always enjoyed her regular poetry contributions. Until recently, while dealing with some health issues, Virginia had been producing a poem a month for decades (at least 40 years – yes, I did the math – that would be nearly 500 poems.) I’m so pleased to share her latest monthly poem – an Ode to October … accompanied by images from Don Best. Let’s hope that as Virginia continues into her 9th decade, that she can resume her monthly (or more) poetry gifts and continue to share them with us. Such a treat and a treasure. Enjoy!!

By Virginia Prowell (10/19/19)
On an October moonlit and frosty night
Mother Nature’s Artists begin their flight.
Armed with pallets of colors to brighten the world
They range in colors from passionate reds
to vibrant gold.

They scatter in every direction
Seeking the canvas of their selection
To the forested hillsides, the Valleys
The banks of the rivers and streams
Along the roadsides, they’ll create their scene.

With the backdrop of the evergreens
They begin to enhance the deciduous trees
Splashing brilliant gold on broad-leaf Maples
Lighter yellow on Cottonwoods and Alders

The Crowning Glory comes as deftly hands
Paint vibrant shades of orange, pink and reds
On ornamental and Vine maple’s lacy tiers
And now, their Masterpiece is complete
for another year.
Photos by Don Best