A weather forecaster, I don’t claim to be;

But certain signs that I can see,

Make me believe that an early Spring is on its way!

What makes me so sure? You might ask.

The first clue came on January 10th to be exact.

Ten Canada Geese arrived and we all shouted,



It was hard to believe. Their arrival time was way off track

In previous years it was February, the middle to late.

They’re here to seek nesting and to choose their mate!


If that isn’t enough to make me optimistic,

A drive through the country side deepened my feelings.

The red glow of the Alder tree as it’s buds begin bursting

Assured me that my thoughts are truly realistic!


So, my friends, look on the bright side, look for the green.

The tips of the daffodils and hyacinths will soon be seen.

The rains may continue, and the winds may howl

But Mother Nature says, “You must follow the fowl”

— Virginia Prowell, 1/18/2018