On an April bright and Super moonlit night
A Sleepless mind begins to think of a poem to write.

Along the rivers, creeks and streams
The glow of the moon reflects its beams
The billowing Ocean’s waves come alive
As the light of the moon dances along at high tide.

In the Forest and Hills, the bright moonlight
Awakens the wildlife who begin to migrate
Deer and Elk begin to search for new fodder
Along roadsides and even a Farmers pasture.

The Coyotes howl and the Bobcat’s scream
At the sight of a big and beautiful moonbeam
Mice and rodents scurry over grassy knolls
Marauding night creatures will take their toll.

When the Super Moon dips below the horizon
Welcoming darkness spreads over the region
The Deer and Elk have ended their feast
It’s time for sleep for man and beast.

-Virginia Carrell Prowell 4/10/2020