– Virginia Prowell (2-12-2019)
Love has it’s beginning at childbirth
As a miracle of life is delivered to earth
The Mother’s love is immediate and profound
A love that will last and always resound

A Father’s love takes the path in a circular direction
Giving guidance for life as well as affection
Providing for those who dwell within his family
Requires an abundance of dedication and integrity

Along the path love will begin to speculate
Making friends and acquaintances to stimulate
A different form of love but still a delight
Lasting and touching like a butterfly in flight

After a few twists and turns along the way
A huge U-turn sends love onto a romantic hiway
Flowers of passion and trees of desire line each side
A flurry of senses envelopes the heart to reside

Onward, Love finds a path of gratification
And with a chorus of affection admiration and devotion
Travels together with songs of tranquility,
As it enters the gates of Heaven in unity