Hello, North County residents, I’m writing to ask and encourage you to re-elect Jack Bloom to the NCRD Board, Position 5. My husband Steve and I are full-time residents of Manzanita, have experienced a number of NCRD’s programs and facilities, and are familiar with the NCRD Board and Board President Jack Bloom. Some of the NCRD programs and activities that we’ve been involved with include water walking and classes at the pool, playing pickleball (my husband), attendance at theatre performances, lectures, and other events at the Performing Arts Center, and participation in fund-raising events for NCRD. Also, I have been attending the monthly NCRD Board meetings for several years.

Jack Bloom has done an outstanding job as President of the NCRD Board. He is skilled, experienced, a team player, a good listener and communicator, has integrity and a collaborative spirit, and is easy to work with. Moreover, Jack has financial, accounting, and management experience, skills that are key to overseeing NCRD’s programs and projects. Jack also was personally involved with initiating and carrying out a number of previous NCRD projects, such as, improvement of Rex Champ Field, the Children’s Day Care Center, the complete remodel of the kitchen, construction of the new Welcome Center and ADA bathrooms, installation of LED lighting in the building and the parking lot, renovation of the upper parking lot, construction of the four new pickleball courts, the remodel of the Performing Arts Center (PAC), the currently ongoing addition of a new lobby and ADA bathrooms for the PAC, and the planning of the soon-to-be built New Pool which will include a lap pool, warm water therapy pool, improved facilities, and ADA restrooms! Jack also has been very involved in the new pool bond process and helped to achieve an A+ credit rating for NCRD.
Jack Bloom is a proven, experienced, and qualified leader and strong supporter of NCRD. Simply put, Jack is the candidate best qualified to work on and maintain NCRD’s current programs and facilities, and NCRD’s new projects, including the ongoing work on the Performing Arts Center and the New Pool. In addition, Jack is the Director that NCRD staff and Board members want to work with, joined by most of the leaders of Friends of NCRD. If you have any questions, please talk to them and us. And then Bring Back Jack! We need Jack Bloom to protect, promote, and ensure NCRD’s future.
Barbara Scott-Brier, Manzanita