By Jan Boal, RN
Why did I choose Positive Vibes as the name for my business format? Because I believe in the effects of this energy. That it can, and has to mine, make changes in your life and the planet. Let me tell you about the science behind this woo woo statement!
It starts with Quantum physics….ooohhh!
There are Universal Laws. The first being The Law of Divine Oneness – That we are all connected through creation. Every single atom inside of you is connected in some way, shape or form to the rest of the universe you move through. The second is the Law of Vibration – That everything in the universe has a frequency or vibration. Everything is energy, whether it be humans, animals, plants, rock, trees etc. Now many of you have heard the saying, that something is operating at a low frequency or high frequency. This does not apply to it’s position in a space or it’s height. It refers to it’s pace, how fast or slow the energy frequency moves, it’s speed. So obviously a rock emits a much lower
frequency than an animal. A slug emits a lower vibrational frequency than a human.

Though I’m sure we all have met someone in our lives that this may be questionable!
Words, thoughts, behaviors and action are also working at vibrational frequencies. You can guess that anger, hate and jealousy operate at a lower frequency as it is considered negative energy. Where as enlightenment, joy and love are the highest frequencies, positive energy/ vibrations. All energies have a calibration. We naturally navigate to the latter as it makes us feel good. Whereas lower, negative frequencies/vibrations, we want to reject and shun ourselves from as it makes us feel bad. The truth is in the pudding as they say. Do you want to be with someone who is joyful and makes you laugh or someone who puts others down and is angry?
The Universal Law of Attraction – Draws in more of the same kind of energy we emit.
Positive will attract positive and negative, attract more negative. There is no falsehood with this law. Just as Newton’s Law of Gravity, what comes up must come down. You are what you think about most of the time. Do you usually have positive thoughts, hope, joy and love? Are you happy for others who have succeeded at something they have been working towards? Or are your thoughts negative, about never having enough, being the victim, being filled with anger and hate? Which ever, you WILL, draw more of this whether it be stress, self loathing or optimism and resilience. You choose.
Imagine if everyone in the world every day gave someone a compliment. You can feel this answer. Instinctively, you know. You know the world would change.

I could give a hundred examples of how this has worked in my life. Instead I gave you the facts, the science behind it. Is it a magic wand? No, but your thoughts manifest how life happens to you. Will this prevent bad things from ever happening to you? No.
How you think and react determines what more will come your way. This in turn effects your health, your relationship with your family, your community and the planet. Like everything in this universe, you are vibrating and creating energy. The only thing you really have any control over in your life is your thoughts. Think positive and change your life!
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

If you like what you read or have questions please contact me at janboalrn@gmail.com.
Also I will be restarting up my Positive Vibes support group, filling ourselves up with positive intentions and setting intensions for our planet. This is done via zoom, Thursday evenings, 30 minutes. Please contact me to learn more. It works!