By Laura Swanson
Tillamook County Pioneer is proud to sponsor The Coastal Buzz, premiering today. Watch for more information about the Buzz, and send us your ideas/suggestions for interviews, features and the stories you’d like to hear. The Pioneer is dedicated to providing “News You Can Use” in as many mediums as possible, and we had heard from readers that they would love to have a local news podcast.
So begins my research into yet another medium that I’m familiar with, but where to start? There are multiple platforms and options … I need an expert. Then up pops an announcement about a new local podcast “The Coastal Buzz.” Wait, WHAT?!? I need to meet this guy.

Walter Mills has over 20 years of radio broadcasting experience in top 10 markets, and he found his way to the North Oregon Coast. Fell in love (literally) with the area and a special someone, and for the past two years calls the upper left edge home. Mills was born and raised in Texas (yes, he still has a bit of the accent) but he’s all about his community. “We’re so isolated here, and sometimes – most of the time, you can barely get a radio signal from the local stations, so that’s when the idea of the podcast came up,” said Mills. “I built a home studio, and have the portable recording equipment because I love to do live interviews at the places I’m talking about,” continued Mills. “We are really lucky to live in this special place, and I want to do my part to help advance our little corner of the world – share some of my favorite places, and explore with listeners their favorites, too.” Mills enjoys family time with dogs Mellie and Charlie, photographer, water sports and of course, long walk on the beach.
Share your ideas for future podcasts with the Pioneer at or to Walter at
Here you go …
The “Coastal Buzz” is a podcast focusing on local happenings, restaurants and more. Each episode will focus on things exclusive to the North Oregon Coast, plus each episode we will try a signature drink (or dish) from a local bar or restaurant.