Botts Marsh LLC is a corporation that has purchased the Botts Marsh upland and lowland (wetlands). The corporation is comprised of Mr. Ken Ulbricht and his spouse Mrs. Lynn Ulbricht. Mr. Ulbricht is a former president (five years) and board member (eight years) of the North Coast Land Conservancy.
Botts Marsh LLC intends to develop the upland portion of the Botts Marsh property for workforce housing and commercial interests. See concept design in Fig. 1. The lowland (wetland) portion of the property has been purchased by the Lower Nehalem Community Trust for conservation and protection as the wetlands serve a vital function to estuarine activity and flood control for the City of Wheeler. This was done through an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant, and the communal efforts of the Lower Nehalem Community Trust, Botts Marsh LLC, and the City of Wheeler.

The land in question has some challenges, initially, with zoning and matters of jurisdiction. The land, as highlighted, is split between two separate zones, and has portions that reside within Wheeler City limits and the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The land that is outside city limits, but within the UGB is intended for the expansion interests of Wheeler; in a sense, a reserve or inventory for future use by the City. As of current, the land would need to be annexed in, to be part of the City’s tax base and as an eligible end user for City services; namely water and public works. See Fig. 2.
The owners understand the limitations that are currently imposed on the property, and have discussed their options with the City.
For more see the City of Wheeler’s website at