QUESTIONS FOR THE CANDIDATES #9 in series: Tillamook PUD, Subdivision 2 Candidates

The Tillamook County Pioneer sent five questions to Tillamook County candidates for State Representative for House District 10 (south Tillamook County); House District 32 (Central/north Tillamook County); Tillamook County Board of Commissioners; and Tillamook PUD Board Candidates.
Over the next week, we will publish the candidates’ answers, beginning with candidates for state representative. It is our belief that voters need as much information about the candidates as possible, and many can’t make it to public forums and events, and the ads, social media, postcards, brochures do not always give an accurate view.
It is our intention to provide the opportunity for voters to compare the candidates on a level playing field.

MEET THE CANDIDATES: David Burt, Tillamook PUD, Subdivision 2 Candidate

1. Why do you want this position, and why are you the best person for it? I am a 4th generation Tillamook resident, my grandfather helped start PUD. My wife and I own South Prairie Store and with that comes a deep connection to Tillamook. I believe there are issues that need to be resolved with the budget (accountability) and with the transmission line. I have had several former and current employees come to me with issues that are serious and need attention. I will dedicate my time and energy to finding solutions to these issues, along with a solution to the ongoing battle over the transmission line to Oceanside and Netarts. I see the need for improved and reliable power but a workable solution must be found.

2. What will you do to make a difference for Tillamook County?
I will bring accountability with the budget and approachability to PUD. I will help support the staff and the programs already in place. I will work to create a positive working relationship with all employees, both inside the building and the crews working outside. I will work diligently to resolve the transmission line issues to bring the power needed to Oceanside and Netarts without disruption to the farmers.

3. What are your main/top priorities?
Budget management, stability in rates, transmission line to Oceanside and Netarts and communication within PUD are my top priorities.

4. Provide a SWOT analysis of Tillamook County – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Our greatest strength is the people of Tillamook County. We are a close-knit community with the willingness to help and support each other. Our resources, the forest, beaches and tourist attractions are a great strength for Tillamook County. Our weaknesses include the housing shortage and lack of employable people. Tillamook has vast opportunities for growth and economic stability with the right leadership and decision making skills.

5. Please describe your vision for Tillamook County. As a PUD Director my vision for all of Tillamook County is to have reliable, cost effective power. To have a PUD that can be accountable and wise with the funds their customers provide.