Rainy Day Village Network hosting more Coffee Conversations, Nov. 13 and Dec. 12

Join community members and those interested in finding out more about the Rainy Day Village Network:
Wednesday Nov 13, 10-11:30 am, Handy Creek Bakery, 63 Hwy 101 N, Wheeler
Thursday Dec 12, 10-11:30am, Bread and Ocean Bakery, 154 Laneda, Manzanita

These informal, drop in gatherings are designed to provide an opportunity to find out what’s happening with Rainy Day Village Network, to meet new people, and to get together with old friends. You are encouraged to ask questions, give us feedback and perhaps join us as we prepare to become fully operational in the Spring, 2020. We are always happy to meet new neighbors, have fun, share our enthusiasm for the Village and answer any questions. All are welcome. Beverages and food will be available for purchase.
And watch for announcements as we are scheduling more Coffee Conversations and pre-launch events in the new year.

So what is a Village and why do we need one?
Most of us want to have meaningful relationships with others, be useful and creative, stay in our homes as we age, continue to grow and learn and use our money wisely. And many of us do not have family nearby to help with things we can no longer do as we get older. Your local village in the making, Rainy Day Village Network, can help with all of those.
One of our goals is to support people who choose to age in their own homes and communities by creating a network of trained volunteers who would help them with tasks friends and families might do. Another important goal is to help each other maintain vibrant and connected lives here in the communities that we love. We want to enhance and practice the values of independence, helping others, maintaining control over our lives, imagining new possibilities and creating a positive impact on our community. To be ourselves and at the same time be part of something bigger than ourselves is a powerful combination.
To do this we need members and volunteers. Once we “launch”, fully vetted volunteers will provide members with services like transportation to events and appointments, help with simple household tasks, and friendly check-ins and calls for those living alone. Behind the scenes volunteers will also keep “the machine oiled.” Everyone currently involved in making Rainy Day Village Network a reality is a volunteer.
We believe that everyone has something to offer and we welcome all types of people—retired, working, longtime and recent residents, second home owners, couples, singles, active folks and those with physical limitations, who want to grow with and rely on each other. So if you’d like to participate in building a resilient community by sharing your skills, interests, knowledge and time, please consider joining us, either now to help us prepare for launch or afterwards as a service volunteer.
One thing we learned from our first round of Coffee Conversations is that there is concern about membership fees of $20 per month for an individual. Recognizing that everyone has different circumstances that may influence their ability to pay a membership fee, we are establishing a program funded by generous donors to offer financial assistance on an as-needed basis. And the reality is we will need membership fees to help cover our costs for things like insurance, phone, software/web fees, outreach, membership fees, and volunteer training.
Our service area is Arch Cape to Rockaway, including the lower Nehalem valley. We are a “spoke” of the 501(C)(3) organization, Villages NW, the “hub”, based in Portland, OR. From them we receive support in the areas of organizing, finances, liability, marketing, grants, coaching, and the training and tracking of our members and volunteers.
For more information: www.rainydayvillage.org
barbaraandchuck@nehalemtel.net or call 503-764-1413