Re-elect Barbara Trout for Tillamook PUD

North County voters have been well-served by Barbara Trout’s tenure on the Tillamook PUD board. She is hard-working and thoughtful and keeps the interests of our communities in mind while making important decisions.
As a former member of the Tillamook PUD board, I know the issues relating to utility business are complex and Barbara has experience and dedication to keeping up with issues and getting the job done right.

Barbara has a willingness to bring about positive change for our communities. I remember attending the dedication of Ed Hart’s Twin Rocks Turnaround County Park that would not exist had not Barbara stepped up, volunteered to become the project lead, and then followed through with the hands-on park development.
As a Tillamook County Commissioner, I’ve been confident while appointing Barbara to serve on the Tillamook County Parks Advisory Committee and the Fisherman’s Advisory Committee for Tillamook because I know she does a good job and keeps the needs to our Tillamook County citizens in mind at all times.
Experience makes a difference, and Barbara has the experience to continue to serve us well on the Tillamook PUD Board of Directors.
Tim Josi, Bay City