Re-Elect Barbara Trout

We met Barbara Trout when we first bought a home in Tillamook County twenty eight years ago. Having always lived in large cities, we were amazed the impact one person, in this case Barbara, could have on a community. As long as we have known her she has been active in local issues, fund raisers and benefits, investing both her time and money to these efforts. When a local Rockaway Beach resident, Ed Hart, willed his ocean front lot to become a park, there were many obstacles to be addressed for that to happen, otherwise the property would be sold. In stepped Barbara, and one by one all the obstacles, including fundraising, were addressed. Today Twin Rocks Turnaround (aka Ed Hart Park) is one of the few wheelchair accessible parks to the beach. That was impressive.

Since then we have seen Barbara start the “Turkey Trot”, to provide Thanksgiving turkeys and food packages to seniors; organize a fishing derby to benefit the Tillamook Kiwanis; year after year fundraisers for the Rockaway Beach Parks & Recreation District; serve on many local boards including The Pioneer Museum and donate her handmade quilts to numerous non-profits for them to use in raffles.
Barbara also has the view that her role in any public position is one of service to her constituents and community. Put Barbara in charge of anything and you’ll be glad you did. That’s why we support and endorse Barbara Trout for the PUD.
Mary and Tom Gossart