Request an in-person appointment with DMV with online form soon to be available

SALEM – ODOT has developed a web-based request form for limited in-person services at Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) field offices. The form will temporarily replace a phone scheduling process that was overwhelmed by more than 18,000 calls in one hour on Monday, June 1st; DMV normally gets about 8,000 in a day.
The new form will be in place at 8 a.m. Wednesday, June 3, or possibly sometime Tuesday afternoon, June 2nd.

When it is available at, a simple tool will ask you a short series of questions to determine whether you can do your business online or need an in-person visit. If you qualify, you can fill out a form with your name and contact information. A DMV agent will contact you to schedule the in-person appointment. Please remember, once you submit the online form it will take some time for DMV to respond to the historically high demand.
“We apologize for the wait Oregonians have already endured due to the COVID-19 crisis, and the wait ahead as we begin working the pent up demand,” DMV Administrator Tom McClellan said. “We don’t know how long it will take to catch up with a backlog this huge, but we think it will take months especially with health and safety protocols in place. Please continue to see if you can get what you need online or by mail, and please be patient.”
The new web-based form to request an appointment, plus an online index of services that can be done by mail, not just online, will make it easier for you to do business with us from home. We’re also expanding our call center capacity.

As of Wednesday, only these services will be available at about two-thirds of DMV’s offices by appointment:

– Driver licensing and ID cards – originals, renewals and replacements, including passenger car and commercial licenses, and instruction permits
– Driver knowledge tests
– Driving privilege reinstatements with a license issuance
– Disabled parking placards
– VIN inspections for new-to-Oregon vehicles previously titled elsewhere
– Farm endorsements

The law enforcement grace period for expired licenses, permits, and registration is still in effect.
As we begin offering in-person services we’ll closely monitor how quickly we’re able to work through the backlog and will work with law enforcement to determine when the grace period will end. For now, schedule an appointment only if absolutely necessary to leave appointment slots for priority transactions. We will provide ample notice and communication before the grace period is set to end.

There are now many services you can do online. Find out more at or get forms and a mailing address at

When you do visit a DMV office, expect to follow safe social distancing and other measures in place for customers and employees.