Rinehart Clinic reduces sliding fee charges

Wheeler, OR [November 30, 2018]:
Rinehart Clinic’s Board of Directors has reduced the clinic’s sliding fee scale charges in order to make it easier for all patients to get the care they need. The change is effective immediately. The new sliding fee scale ranges from $10 to $55, and the Discounted Time of Service fee, which covers the office visit, has been reduced to $60.

What does this mean for patients? The reduced charges apply to all patients on the sliding fee. All patients are encouraged to apply for the sliding fee discount regardless of their income level, household size, or insurance coverage. If for some reason insurance does not cover some or all of the services the clinic provides, patients may be able to use the sliding fee scale.
About the sliding fee scale: Rinehart Clinic offers discounts on charges to patients based on their family size and income, and as a Federally Qualified Health Center, has additional programs available to help patients who may have difficulty paying their health care bills.
For questions on insurance enrollment or the sliding fee scale program, please contact Rinehart Clinic’s Outreach and Enrollment Navigator at 800-368-5182 ext. 112. The clinic’s front desk staff can help patients make appointments and determine insurance coverage, including for Rinehart Clinic’s Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Call 800-368-5182, Ext. 101 to reach the front desk.
For more information, and to download a sliding fee scale application, visit Rinehart Clinic’s website: