Rockaway Beach Citizens Call for Town Hall, Transparency

My family has owned a home in Rockaway for nearly 55 years. Last month I became a full-time resident and registered voter in Tillamook County.
I have recently been made aware, by three different sources, of the utter disrespect that some city officials demonstrate toward residents and business owners of Rockaway.
In addition to that, the fiasco with the Dang residence, and now the situation with the condo construction underway at N 3rd & Pacific, indicate absolute apathy on the part of the City to the welfare of many residents and property owners who pay the taxes that enable operations. It’s appalling that any city representative, some elected and all paid by their constituents, show preferential treatment, absolute disregard for the concerns of some members of the community and such extreme rudeness. The refusal to graciously accept input from all constituents and provide transparency regarding city matters that should be public is further evidence that certain city officials have no interest in serving the will of all of the people.

Like many other communities in Oregon Rockaway is changing, whether we like it or not. The influx of huge numbers of folks into our state brings more residents, tourism and crowds to our town and many others. It’s folly to believe it can be stopped. We need a government that keeps pace with change and acts with the utmost responsibility, efficiency and altruism in serving the best interests of it’s citizens.
I call for fully publicized town hall meetings (with 4 weeks prior notice) at which public comment shall be accepted without hostility.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Chris Berrie
Rockaway Beach, OR