Rockaway Beach Meals for Seniors “drive up”, pick up service to start Monday, March 16th

Rockaway Beach’s Meals for Seniors program at St. Mary’s by the Sea Church has also discontinued communal dining and meal service. Effective Monday, March 16th thru the end of the month, Meals for Seniors will no longer be hosting lunches in the dining hall of St. Mary by the Sea Church. Instead, they will be offering meals for pickup. We’re asking those who want to come pickup a meal to sign up before hand – please email to so that we can anticipate the amount of meals to prepare. For those who did not join us for lunch on Friday March 13th and may show up Monday not knowing they needed to sign up, we’ll be prepared to provide them a meal, then asking them to sign up for future meals.
We’re asking that they come by to pick up their meals between 10am and 10:30am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also, we are continuing to deliver to those who are on our “homebound” list. No changes there. Also, there are no changes to our donation guidelines, we’re continuing to ask for a $4 donation.

The Meals for Seniors fundraiser French Toast breakfast schedule for March 28th has been cancelled. Please check in their your senior citizen neighbors and family and make sure they have food and supplies for the next few weeks.