Rockaway Beach Receives ODOT Community Pathways Grant for Salmonberry Trail Segment; Workshop Jan. 11 to Discuss Project Manager Hiring

By Robin Swain
The City of Rockaway Beach received a $1.7 million grant from Oregon Department Of Transportation (ODOT), for the city’s section of the Salmonberry Trail. The city was one of the top recipients of the Pathways Grant. The grant has been modified to $750,000 for the design which will be handled by ODOT. City Counselor Mary McGinnis said, “Once we see what ODOT’s design for the trail is, we can then have public meetings to discuss the design and consider public input.”
Rockaway Beach City Councilor Mary McGinnis has been in persistent attendance at the Salmonberry Trail meetings. She tells us, “The Rail and Trails project is sectional. Each city is responsible for the trail from city limit to city limit. We have a vision that embraces these five goals:
1) Bring people to center of town instead of driving through;
2) Safe route to schools (think of the cross-country team running on a safe path versus along the highway);
3) Bring activity to the North end and South end of town by connecting through the center of town;
4) Provide safe recreational opportunities;
5) Disperse people with other walking options, “…because we had no idea that The Old Growth Cedar Trail would be so popular,” said McGinnis.

There will be a workshop that will provide information to the City Council about hiring a consultant to be the Project Manager. In short, the Project Manager will navigate the different agencies involved, facilitate public meetings, and keep the project on course and timely.
There will be a Council workshop on January 11, 2023, at 5pm, before the regular Council meeting at 6pm.
What is a City Council Workshop? Workshops are intended to allow for preliminary discussions by the city council and staff. Workshops are held to present information to the council so that the council is prepared for upcoming regular meetings. Workshops are subject to Oregon’s Public Meeting law and must be noticed accordingly. No final City Council decisions are made during workshops. The Public is encouraged to attend workshops but may not participate unless expressly asked. There will be opportunities for public participation in this process, and the community is encouraged to attend this workshop.

Here is a link to the Salmonberry Trail Coast Segment concept study:

Here are the maps of the Jetty Creek to Twin Rocks segment and the Downtown Rockaway Beach segment: