Roller Derby Returns to Tillamook July 27th

This Saturday July 27th, the Tillamook Coast Derby Dames will host their second home bout facing off against Southern Oregon Roller Derby at the POSH Warehouse, located at the Port of Tillamook Bay. Tickets are $10 per person, and kids 10 and under get in free. Only a limited number of tickets are available.
The Tillamook Coast Derby Dames have been participating in flat track roller derby since January of 2017.

Roller derby is a five-on-five sport where jammers (identified by the star on their helmets) score points by passing opposing players, called blockers. Each blocker on the track works to help their jammer get through the “pack” while simultaneously trying to stop the opposing jammer from successfully getting through. It is a full-contact sport, with skaters dressed to the nines in safety gear to deliver hard hits and battle it out for the most points.

While the game still has some similarities to the roller derby of the 1970s (for instances, skaters all still use witty alter egos and occasionally sport fishnet tights), the game has evolved significantly to a bonafide sport with more than 300 leagues all over the world that’s still just as entertaining to watch despite the lack of theatrics and choreographed bloody brawls.

For those who have never seen a roller derby bout before, don’t worry, the Dames will explain the game before the bout start.
Doors open at 5 p.m. and the game starts at 6 p.m. sharp. There will be Pelican beer for sale for those 21 and over, and food onsite for purchase. The POSH Warehouse is located at 644 Hangar Road.
You can purchase tickets for $10 a piece online at Brown Paper Tickets or visit their website, to learn more.

Photos by Badges Across America