Schwend for our Future

I have never been one to vote along party lines, as I strongly believe that a truly good politician will be able to act on the best interests of all regardless of their party affiliation. This is why I love that our county commissioner race is non-partisan, as it allows everyone the opportunity to ignore party affiliation and look solely at the qualities of each candidate. After much review of each candidate’s qualifications, I’m pleased to offer my support for Adam Schwend.

I appreciate that Adam brings both a historical perspective as a long-time member of this county yet also the perspective of a father of young children. Adam will honestly look out for the best long-term health of our county as he has a vested interest in ensuring Tillamook County remains a thriving place to raise a family.

On multiple occasions, I have watched Adam jump in and actively engage in finding workable solutions for problems. He has shown his commitment to Tillamook County by attending state functions where he is able to learn about issues impacting our county and campaign for the best interests of Tillamook County.

Adam Schwend exhibits strength of character and deep commitment to Tillamook County and its future. I know that I can trust him to be fully committed to ensuring our county is a wonderful place for me to raise my family and a county I can continue to be proud of.

Please join me in voting for Adam Schwend for Tillamook County Commissioner.

Kim Lyon
Tillamook, OR