Seabird Monitoring Training June 3rd

If you like to watch seabirds and care about their welfare, here’s a chance to study them and contribute to science. Volunteers are needed to monitor the nesting colonies of three north coast cormorant species near Cape Falcon Marine Reserve and Haystack Rock to track their nesting success.

Seabird monitoring training will be held in Cannon Beach on June 3. Photo courtesy of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

Interested in participating? A training session is being held on Sunday, June 3 from 11 am to 1 pm at Cannon Beach City Hall (163 E. Gower Ave). No experience necessary! After training session, volunteers will conduct weekly surveys throughout the summer to count nests, eggs, and babies on the rocks and cliffs near Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. This effort provides baseline information on Oregon’s seabird population and increases awareness of Oregon’s marine reserves.

The survey project is being organized by the Audubon Society of Portland, the Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve, and the Haystack Rock Awareness Program. For more information on this opportunity, feel free to contact any of the following project partners:
• Friends of Cape Falcon Marine Reserve:
• Haystack Rock Awareness Program:
• Audubon Society of Portland: