Skeletal Remains Found South of Hoquarton Trail in Tillamook

On September 6th, 2019, at about 9 AM, skeletal remains were found just south of the Hoquarton Trail Park proper. They were found in a very brushy tree covered area that was not easily accessible. They were found by someone walking through the area. This is part of an area frequented by transients.

With the help of Dr. Betlinski, Tillamook County Medical Examiner, the remains were recovered. There were no obvious indications or immediate concerns of foul play based on the preliminary examination.
Preliminary examination indicates the remains are those of an adult. Any further suggestion of age, sex, race or approx. date of death would be shear speculation at this point. The remains were taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for further examination to further help in identifying the person.
Artifact(s) located at the scene will help in identifying the person. The process will begin, to use DNA to possibly identify the person but this will take at least a couple of months. There is not any initial artifact, information or examination findings to date that would tend to indicate the person was local. Recent local missing person’s information that was available has been reviewed also with no initial indication again, that this is a local person.
As more information is obtained, we will update this release. Please contact Chief Terry Wright at or 503-842-2522 if you have questions.