SOLVE Spring Beach Cleanup – Saturday March 23rd – Take Care of the Oregon Coast

Join SOLVE and thousands of volunteers this Saturday March 23rd from 10 am to 1 pm as we clean up litter and marine debris from the entire Oregon coast! Since 1986, this home-grown tradition of twice-yearly beach cleanups has benefited people and wildlife alike, supporting clean seas and healthy communities. This is a family-friendly event and SOLVE invites all Oregonians to participate.

Cleanup Locations
Choose from one of 45 beach cleanup sites from Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria to Harris Beach in Brookings. Pick your favorite beach or head somewhere new! Check out our clickable map of all the check-in locations.

Find the one closest to your favorite beach or select a new one to explore while you help keep it clean and beautiful! Contact SOLVE (503-844-9571 x332) or the Project Leader if you have any site-specific questions.
Local Solutions to a Global Problem
Did you know that an estimated eight million tons of plastic enter the global ocean every year, impacting nearly 600 species of marine animals? Even the smallest bits of trash can be harmful. Cigarette butts, tiny pieces of plastic, and Styrofoam flow into storm drains, then directly to our streams, rivers, and ocean, where they look like food to many animals. Over the past decade, SOLVE volunteers have kept more than 4,000 tons of debris from entering Oregon waterways and the Pacific Ocean. Join us to help fight plastic pollution locally!

Pre-production plastic pellets (nurdles) and fish eggs look similar to hungry marine life.
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Clean Swell Data Collection App
Become a litter scientist! Download the Clean Swell app and help us track litter data during SOLVE litter cleanup events. You can also use a paper data card, which will be available at most cleanup sites.