Some Words from Sheriff Candidate Gordon McCraw

By Gordon McCraw, Candidate for Tillamook County Sheriff
As many of you know, I am indeed running for Sheriff in this November’s Election. Normally, a candidate would be talking about himself, his policies, his goals, etc. In this case, I have decided to talk about, and to you, the outstanding citizens of Tillamook County.
Tillamook County has weathered many storms, both while I have been here and obviously, before I came here in 2006. The thing that has always impressed me is the resilience of this community. How in and after a significant event, everyone comes together to help their families, their friends, their neighbors. In this case, even strangers have been helping other strangers. In the many talks I have given around the county over the years, I always say that I am the most blessed Emergency Manager in the state. The different agencies work well with other agencies, and with all of their partners. In time of trouble, we become one! The motto I work under is; I think I am really good at what I do, and I work with people that are really good at what they do, but together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish!

The local restaurants have adjusted and changed their business model; other businesses have done similarly. Out-of-work people have become delivery vessels to help restaurants, to get medicine for the elderly, to grocery shop for people unable to leave their homes. It is all so heartwarming that people are so giving of themselves during this unusual time.
This COVOD-19 is not like any emergency we have dealt with before and can be very stressful to some. The fear and anxiety about the unknown can be overwhelming, to adults and children as well. Everyone reacts to this stress differently but know that coping with the stress can make you, your family, even your friends stronger. The stress can reach a crisis point for some though. Watch for changes in those around you, to your family’s eating or sleeping habits, to an increase in alcohol, smoking, or other drugs.
Remember, you are the most important person in your family, without you, who will take care of them. Take a break from watching, reading or listening to the news about COVID-19. It may be a good time to take a break from Social Media if it is upsetting. Take some time to unwind; meditate, exercise, read a good book, binge watch that program you like on TV. Connect with others, talk with people you trust, express your feelings, reduce the anxiety. Remember, this stress can be sensed by your children. This may explain their unusual crying or other behaviors. Take time to talk with them, to reassure them, be a role model.
I have lived through many disasters in my lifetime, and the thing that I have learned, the disaster period does come to an end and we begin to recover, then life returns to normal. Hang in there, and I yes, I would be honored to be the Sheriff of this outstanding community if I am elected in November!
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