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By Christy Kay, Cosmic Healing NW

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”- a quote from famous and often overlooked scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. The same can be said when speaking to our health. We are all made of energy, from the atom to basic cell formation, so it makes sense we need to think of ourselves as energetic beings, with a frequency and vibration of our own. Energy is all around us, from the air we breathe, to the food eat, to the sounds we hear, even the chair you are sitting on is energy. Vibration is what we call energy in motion, it is the wave that is created when energy moves. Frequency is the rate of vibration. It is how fast or slow the vibration wave is; how many times does a wave occur during a specific amount of time. Low vibrations move slower and appear as a long drawn out waves, while high frequencies move much faster and the waves appear to happen fast and multiple times.

Sound waves are essentially movement of energy and are an important aspect of our physical health. They travel through matter, like air, metals, and other solid objects. Sound waves are created when objects vibrate through a medium (water, air, metal) from one location to another. This includes our bodies, our skin, our organs, tissues, and the very cells of our bodies. The sound waves pass through our bodies and create certain responses. These reactions can help restore our body to health and harmony, or cause dissonance and disease. Each sound has its own vibration and frequency, some frequencies we cannot hear but nonetheless they are happening. Research has begun to show the ability of sound therapy to help with many ailments, from depression and anxiety, all the way to cancer. Each of our organs, tissues, and physical systems vibrate at a certain frequency when they are healthy, as proven through study. Your liver vibrates and has a frequency specific to its health, that is different than what your stomach or brain may vibrate at when it is healthy. You are essentially a moving symphony of frequency and vibration.

The underlying basis of all Sound Healing is consistency of a vibration, versus chaotic vibrations. All drums, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and most sound healing instruments create consistent tones that create stability in us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From there you can get incredibly detailed as to what frequencies, timbres, musical intervals, musical flows, and energy do to us. A good way to explain this is to look briefly at brain entrainment. Science has shown that when we are immersed in certain frequencies like Beta or Alpha waves, our brains start to move and vibrate at these frequencies. They pick up on these waves and attune to them. When our brains are filled with thoughts and swirling around, they are typically operating at Alpha frequency. However, when you add music into your environment, like Delta waves, our brains entrain to this sound, and it will help calm and relax your mind.

Through use of tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, chimes, gong, drums, and even your own voice, we can create sound waves and frequencies that help us heal. Striking a tuning fork in the note of “C” will create a frequency of 256 Hz and will have different healing properties than a higher pitched note of “B” with a frequency of 480 Hz will have. Researchers are just beginning to understand what each frequency will create in terms of healing. And like Crystal Healing, though no major studies have confirmed absolutely the healing affects, thousands have experienced the results. A singing bowl placed on the body will create frequency and energy movement that balances and creates healing in our cells. The tuning fork is a more muted yet just as powerful way to create sound waves that stimulate movement and healing within our bodies’ cells.

Tuning forks can create different frequencies and sound waves depending on their weight. Listening to the sound of birds singing in the morning, will have a different effect on your body than say listening to rock and roll music. Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, discovered that music affected water in different ways. When taking pictures of water while playing certain types of music, Emoto discovered the water changed appearance based on what was played. While playing Bach or Mozart, the water formed beautiful geometric shapes, but when listening to dissonant music with angry lyrics or heavy metal music, the water became cloudy and dirty. When telling the water, it was loved and appreciated, it formed different patterns than when the water was told it was bad or hated. As our human bodies are more than 60% water, sound naturally affects our bodies. See, even the frequency and vibration of our words has an impression on our bodies. Sound healing has been proven very effective for a multitude of physical ailments. In a recent study they used targeted sound waves to “attack” cancer cells, and it is showing results! Another recent study, out of Ireland, used Himalayan Singing Bowls with children who had non-verbal Autism. Those who had frequent treatment with sound showed remarkable results, most of the children being able to communicate on a level that was not available before.
In my office, I work mostly with clients who have autoimmune disease or other chronic illness. Using sound, along with other vibrational medicine, I have seen amazing results. In a study I conducted last November, I looked at the use of tuning fork therapy and its effects on patients with RA, Lupus, or Fibromyalgia. I treated clients once a week for 4 weeks, using tuning fork therapy specific to these illnesses, and documented all results. After 4 weeks, all participants noticed improvement with their pain levels, sleep patterns, and overall mental health. All participants said they would recommend this type of therapy to others and would love to continue with it. Unfortunately, this is not recognized as a valid treatment by the insurance and medical community yet.
Sound Healing is a wonderful way to bring your body back into its natural healthy state, it is non-invasive and has no known side effects. It has been begun to be looked at more and more as a healing modality and studies are showing its wonderful effects on healing a multitude of physical ailments. It is a great option when all the “regular” options have failed to bring relief. Call or email me to for more information or to schedule an appointment. Christy Kay (503) 800-1092 or
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