Starnes Suspends Campaign, Media Reports Cause Confusion for Voters

EDITOR’S NOTE: Patrick Starnes, Independent candidate for Oregon’s governor, announced Tuesday Oct. 30th that he’s suspending his campaign and asked supporters to instead back Kate Brown’s re-election. The decision came down to the central campaign plank of Starnes’ long-shot bid for governor: changing Oregon’s campaign finance laws. The candidate said he’s grown convinced that Brown is committed to pushing a state constitutional amendment that would pave the way for tight limits on campaign donations. Oregon currently has no such limits. For more on this go to:
To whom it may concern:
Apparently someone in the media is reporting that the Independent nominee Patrick Starnes has dropped out of the race. He can suspend his campaign but not drop out. The withdrawal deadline was Aug 31.
There may be questions from people that already voted for him and that want new ballots. He did not drop out as a candidate and is printed on the ballot. His votes will be counted. No new ballots will be issued.

The Secretary of State’s (SOS) office has contacted KGW which was reporting that those who voted for Starnes could request a replacement ballot. KGW has taken that story down and will correct the info on future stories. The SOS tweeted and are reaching out to media to make sure they know accurate info.

Tassi O’Neil
Tillamook County Clerk