Stepping into the Energy Flow of Health and Well-being – Part 3 of 3

by Chris Wagner

There are many different types of long term care.  Most are geared toward the needs of elders, but there are alternative options for specific issues including people with disabilities.  Often there is a tendency to name these care facilities whatever term comes to mind, but each has a different purpose and serves different populations.

In the Tillamook County area, there are three major types of care for those who are unable to manage on their own and need some level of care.

1.  Skilled Nursing Facility; (may also be called convalescent home, rest home or rehabilitation center) Care given here includes accident victims, post op patients, memory issues etc. Nehalem Valley Care Center, located in Wheeler, at the Rinehart Clinic location – 280 Rowe St. Wheeler, OR serves our area with the kind of attention reflecting that of a nursing home or rehabilitation facility with both short and long term care.  This is a non-profit residential facility for those who cannot manage at home or who have more serious conditions than can be handled at assisted living facilities. They can be contacted at: 503-368-5171 and online at

2.  Home Care – The best resource for information about home care is NorthWest Senior and Disability Services.  Here one can learn about Oregon Project Independence; a way to stay at home and receive care, or about eligibility, the cost of help and the types of help that are available.  Some of these are housekeeping, shopping, personal care, transportation and medication management.  To find out more about this program call 503-815-2060 and toll free: 1-800-584-9712.  Online:  

3.  Assisted Living Facilities – Assisted living serves those who do not require nursing skills, but mainly have issues with mobility.  There are two non-profit ALF’s in Tillamook County – Kilchis House in Tillamook and Nehalem Bay House in Nehalem.  Both facilities take Medicaid subsidies as well as, private pay.  They offer many services such as assistance with dressing bathing and household tasks, three meals a day, laundry, housekeeping and maintenance.  They provide health services, referrals and medication distribution.  There are exercises and activities every day, church services, entertainment and outings.  There’s a salon for hair appointments, a beautiful garden courtyard perfect for reading, sunning or meditation and a whirlpool. 

For more information:   4212 Marolf Pl., Tillamook  503-842-2204 35385 Tohl Ave, Nehalem  503-368-6445

The core principle of assisted living at KH and NBH is the idea that this is your home and that you can create the sort of life that suits you and it will be respected.  Now when I look around my clean, comfortable one bedroom apartment painted in a soothing green, I’m motivated to continue moving forward and not sit here regretting what I’ve lost or don’t have.  I find empathy, a willingness to make one’s life easier and a dedication to this work in the caregivers who are part of my days now.  I have plenty of company, purposeful work and lots to keep me entertained if I desire.  Although I got here before expected, I count my blessings each day for this unexpected gift.  I will say again, that it helped to know my options and to be familiar with them before the day came when I truly needed assistance.

Please know that there are ways to offer one’s time and energy at these facilities.  Calling bingo, reading to elders or even a visit is always welcome.   Or maybe you have something unique to share. 

Also, both houses can always use donations to help purchase devises and other tools needed for resident assistance.