Suggestion for Reporters at White House Coronavirus Briefings

Dear Editor,
The daily White House Coronavirus Task Force press “briefings” rapidly morphed either into two hour plus 1) free political advertisements for Trump or 2) assaults on his critics. These Task Force briefings should be concise and informative. To achieve these goals: reporters – please do not ask questions directed to the president. His replies fall into a myriad of categories: informative, self-aggrandizement, non-sequiturs, disinformation, misinformation, bullet-points for the base or attacks on reporters’ “fake news”.

To obviate these ramblings and 1) provide less worry to the base about falling ratings or 2) reduce high blood pressure for opponents, reporters in the gallery should simply report what the president says and refrain from posing questions. Would such action affect the overall value of the briefings?

Ronald Patterson