Support for Adam Schwend

We have the opportunity to elect a commissioner that will fight for Tillamook County. Whether it’s public safety, getting our county budget in order, cutting red tape to allow new housing to be built to support our work force, or protecting the jobs in the farming, fishing and timber industries that built our community, Adam Schwend is hands-down the best choice.

Adam has the experience that’s needed, working with other leaders in Tillamook County and in Salem to ensure our rural economy and way of life aren’t swallowed up by the desires of the valley.

Whether it’s in business, the arts, government or anything else, Adam has a knack for building partnerships and now allowing decisions to made in a government bubble, but as a community, making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

We’ll be lucky to have Adam working for us. I’m excited to cast my vote for him!

Diane Cross