Support for Becky Hogan-Heimerl for Tillamook School District Position #2

We are writing to share our support of Becky Hogan-Heimerl’s candidacy to serve on the Tillamook School Board position 2. We have known and worked with Becky for most of her life, and are extremely excited and supportive of her interest in this important work. Over the years, we watched her grow up and watched her be successful at everything she set her mind to accomplish.
Becky is very community minded and believes in education and serving others. She is thoughtful, considerate, a great listener, and has the skills to work through processes in the public arena. Becky is a dedicated volunteer 4-H leader and shares her passion and knowledge with many youth throughout our County. Often people underestimate the challenge of being successful working on public issues, but Becky understands this is challenging, but more importantly she brings the skills, determination and work ethic to be highly successful.
Becky has four children and is a devoted parent, and we believe she will serve all of us well as a school board member. We are very proud to support Becky for the Tillamook School Board position 2.
Please remember to VOTE, every voice matters!
Troy & Lisa Downing, Tillamook