Support for David McCall for Tillamook County Commissioner

Having worked with David McCall on various issues, and having sat together in numerous meetings, I’ve observed someone who is intelligent, and totally interested and involved in all aspects of Tillamook County, from serving on the Board of the Tillamook Farmers Market to his position as Tillamook County Solid Waste Department Manager.

Tillamook County has many areas that need attention: We have roads in disrepair. We have land use issues that need to be overseen and implemented. We have locally-owned family businesses that struggle against the competition of big box stores. We have a need to diversify industry to encompass more than just farming, timber, tourism, and fishing. We have low-wage service jobs and inadequate housing for those workers. We have a growing number of families living in poverty without a permanent address. We have schools dependent on timber sales, resulting in an up and down level of resources. We have a top-notch, county-wide library system that relies on periodic levies and the support of those who believe libraries serve an important function in a Democratic society. And that’s just for starters.

David is young, enthusiastic, has boundless energy, and is capable of keeping several plates spinning at once. I believe he’s well qualified to tackle these issues and to help lead Tillamook County in a direction that meets many needs on many levels and makes Tillamook County a better place to live, work, and play for everyone.
Linda Werner