Support for Logan Laity for State Representative House District 32

To the Editor:

It will soon be November and time to elect our State Representative for House District 32. I ask that you vote for Logan Laity, a small business owner from Tillamook.
We have a long list of serious problems to solve, but two of the most important to me are the protection reproductive freedoms and the climate crisis. Democrat Logan Laity is on the right side of both of these issues.

Reproductive freedom is on every single ballot this fall. Republicans have abolished fifty years of settled law to rob women of their freedom to make their own personal reproductive choices, changing overnight what was a human right into a felony. The Republican’s extreme forced birther movement is out of line with the wishes of the majority in our state and our nation. Given the chance, Republicans will do the same in Oregon. Only Democrats will protect a woman’s right to make her own private reproductive choices. The government should not be taking over our personal health decisions.

Global heating is upon us, and we must continue to act. Republicans in Oregon and around the nation have been climate deniers and obstructors, doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry to impede action. Only Democrats have been consistently working to address this existential threat.

If you care about having a Representative who understands the danger of the climate crisis and will protect the freedom of women to make their own personal reproductive decisions, vote for Democrat Logan Laity for HD 32.

Eric Halperin
Gearhart OR