Support for Manzanita Ballot Measure

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I’m writing this letter in support of the upcoming ballot measure.
This is an appeal to vote yes on the ballot issue that will allow Manzanita to move forward and build the much needed city hall, police station and emergency evacuation facility.
My wife Nancy and I have been fortunate over the past 25+ years to be a part of this wonderful and unique community, owning two different homes. Our first was on North 4th St., just north of Laneda. We now own a home near the golf course on Lakeview Drive.

At first, for many years, we came on weekends and holidays to enjoy all things Manzanita. Now, years later, we are semi-full-time residents, living six to seven months here through the summer and early fall.
In the beginning, it was a place for our son to play on the beach. Now we enjoy it with our grandson.
Throughout all of these years, we have been so impressed with the stewardship of this gem of a town. We have seen many issues arise, and be successfully resolved. Most came with a fair amount of opposition from those who preferred that things stay as they were. These objections occurred over paving Laneda when it was just a gravel road full of potholes; followed by the sidewalk issue, the fire station and other civic issues. And now, there is contention over the new proposed facilities for improving our city hall, police and emergency center. The previous issues had a fair amount of opposition along the way. But this seems very different to me in the way the opposition is opposing the project. I remember debate, but not the current personal attacks being levied against those entrusted by us to lead our community into the future. The personal vitriol just doesn’t do anything to advance the harmony and spirit that is Manzanita. Are there some good points being made by those who disagree with the proposed plan? Of course. But there are also a number of inaccuracies and out and out deceptive talking points being used by the opponents as well.
For me, it is somewhat basic. We need to be moving forward for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
I am now retired, but in my professional life, as a wealth manager, I became quite familiar with the intricacies of the bond market. Now, due to the very low rates, it is an ideal time for our local bond proposal.
Please join me in voting yes.
Thank you,
Ken Resnick