Support for Schwend

Since I have not yet received the Oregon Voters Pamphlet, I have not begun to choose candidates for any office, in fact, I am not aware which candidates are running for what positions. Thanks to the letter in the Saturday, September 29th edition of the pioneer written by Betsy Bredau, I shall cast my vote for Adam Schwend for whatever county commission position he is running. And for the record, I have never met Adam Schwend, that I am aware of, and further, that I am not, nor have I ever been in any way affiliated with the real estate industry or the Oregon Association of Realtors. However, I do admit to have as my most trusted friends several realtors.

Betsy Bredau made an issue of the contributions to Adam Schwend from the Oregon Realtors Political Action Committee. The Oregon Association of Realtors advocates before the Oregon Legislature and state regulatory agencies to support legislation and regulations to strengthen housing affordability and attainability. The Association also strives to defeat legislation and regulations that negatively impact the housing market. The Association is also committed to protecting buyers and sellers to preserve the dream of home ownership.
These are indeed noble principles and reflect my personal beliefs that our American heritage was conceived upon a free enterprise system which makes affordable housing a reality. Therefore, if such an honorable organization as the Oregon Association of Realtors supports Adam Schwwend, than so shall I.
Carey Huckaba
Netarts, Oregon