Support for Schwend

Adam Schwend understands the importance of maintaining Tillamook County’s diverse economy. While tourism has potential to create new opportunities, our natural resource industries—timber, fisheries, aquaculture, and agriculture—are the foundation of this county’s economy and provide much needed year round family-wage jobs in wood manufacturing and food production.

The fact that Adam was raised in Tillamook County affords him first-hand knowledge of the positive impact that responsible natural resource utilization provides our county. Early in his campaign, Adam demonstrated a sincere interest in learning more about the forest sector and the issues and opportunities affecting local sawmills.

Having dedicated my entire career to maintaining sustainable working forests and sawmills in this county, I know how important it is that we have local leaders who understand the forest sector’s role and potential in our community. As a County Commissioner, I believe Adam will endeavor to ensure local forests and sawmills have a strong and vibrant future.

David Kunert
Hampton Lumber
Division Forester
Tillamook, Warrenton & Banks