Support Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner

Most of us know the issues facing Tillamook County today. Housing, poor roads, harvest levels in our forests, budget problems and the list goes on. What we don’t know is what the issues will be next year or the year after that. Our leaders and decision makers must be able to visualize the big picture.

That’s why it’s so important to elect someone as our next county commissioner who has strong listening, analytic and people skills. That person is Mary Faith Bell.

Mary Faith’s record in our community is well known. As the former editor of the Headlight Herald, she honed those skills to a fine art. As a current elected member of both the TBCC board and the Tillamook Chamber board, she understands give and take, compromise, respect for minority views and collaborative efforts. She can deal with current issues while not losing sight of longer term goals.

Her current position with our local hospital has strengthened her understanding and respect of a diverse population across our county including those needing a helping hand, longtime residents, businesses, farmers and occasional visitors. That’s a delicate and careful balance which few possess.

Mary Faith’s background, education, experience and temperament are what Tillamook County needs for the next four years. Please support Mary Faith Bell.

Patty Olson
Pacific City