Support Students at Tillamook Bay Community College and ‘Buy a Credit’

As you are looking for ways to give back this holiday season, consider buying a credit for a local college student.
The Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation is raising money for the Career-to-Career Scholarship program through a ‘Buy a Credit’ fundraiser. The goal is to fundraise for 270 credits to fully-fund three new students to earn their Associate Degree at TBCC.
The money raised will be used for the Career-to-Career scholarship, which provides eligible students free tuition to complete their Associate Degree.
“The Career-to-Career scholarship removes the financial barrier many students face when returning to school,” said Britta Lawrence, the Development Director at TBCC. “They can focus on their studies and getting the most out of their time at TBCC instead of worrying ‘how am I going to pay for this?’”

The goal of the Career-to-Career scholarship is not only to help students realize their career and educational goals, but to do so without the financial burden associated with going back to college. To be eligible, students must be residents of Tillamook County who have at least five years of work experience and are wanting to either transition into a new career or advance at their current job.

Vice President of Student Services Rhoda Hanson said that often times students come to TBCC just to take a few classes because that is all they can afford. “When they discover we have the Career-to-Career scholarship and they are eligible for it, and it covers the cost of their tuition, it creates opportunities that they didn’t have before,” she said.

Along with new opportunities, the Career-to-Career scholarship also creates confidence. Career-to-Career graduate Melissa Mumey said “Before [getting the Career-to-Career scholarship] I honestly never felt that I was college material. I didn’t feel like I was smart enough and questioned my ability to do the things that would be required of me; I was scared and full of self-doubt. But encouragement from my family, friends, and the college has given me the tools and support that I needed to succeed.”

The same was true for Stephanie Van De Hay, who since graduating from TBCC in 2019 has enrolled at Pacific University to continue her education.

“Being at TBCC gave me the confidence to keep dreaming,” she said. “I never thought I would be able to afford to go to Pacific University, or even be good enough. But my time at TBCC showed me that I am good enough.”

“These are just some of the positive impacts that Career-to-Career is having on our community, added Lawrence. “By supporting Career-to-Career students through buying a credit, you are helping these students rewrite their stories and change their futures.”

To make a donation, visit and click on the TBCC Foundation, or mail your donation to 4301 Third St. Tillamook, OR 97141. Make checks payable to the TBCC Foundation, and be sure to include ‘Buy a Credit’ in the memo line.

For more information about the ‘Buy a Credit’ fundraiser, email for a digital brochure or call 503-842-8222 ext. 1026.