Support urged for local businesses

At its monthly June meeting (via Zoom) the Tillamook County Democrats passed the following resolution:
Whereas local businesses have been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tillamook County Democrats urge all of its members to take special care to support locally owned businesses during this critical period. Further, the Tillamook County Democrats also urge donations to local charities, especially those associated with providing critical resources to the most vulnerable members of our community, who may be especially impacted by the effects of the pandemic.

In support of the motion, the Chair, Fred Bassett, said the following. “Having been a self-employed contractor and retailer for many years, I shudder to think what many of our local business are going through right now. These local entrepreneurs also provide much of the support for local social service agencies, which are providing much needed assistance throughout our county, while at the same time suffering much reduced resources. Like we always do during times of flooding, this is a time, although certainly more prolonged, when all of us pulling together can help each get through the intense trials of the pandemic. Although shopping online may be convenient, supporting locally owned businesses means that the money remains and circulates in Tillamook county rather than being sent out of State. Donating to local charities also keeps our money circulating in county.”