Survey: Broadband Internet Service in Oregon

Oregon has made great progress toward getting high-quality broadband for Oregon communities, but there is still much more to do for all residents, businesses, and organizations in our State to get the internet access they need to thrive and succeed. Fewer than two-thirds of rural Oregon residents have access to high-quality broadband. We can do better. We need to hear from you to help guide our plans going forward.

Broadband not only provides the essential capabilities we need for our personal and business needs, but without it our communities risk falling behind economically, making it harder to keep and attract people and businesses and jobs.
We are asking all households across Oregon to take a few minutes to share your input on what services are available to you, how you are using the internet and what you need. The few minutes that you take to complete our online Oregon Broadband Assessment – Households will pay huge dividends toward making quality broadband a reality for everyone in Oregon. Please complete the questionnaire for your household from your home location, so that we may also conduct a speed test on your home Internet access service.
Time is urgent for action and we ask that you provide your input today, or at the latest before December 15, 2019, by clicking on the link below. We will be asking about your current household broadband, uses and benefits from the internet, and what you need to succeed in the future.

Click here for survey.

Take the Household Assessment

We encourage you to spread the word to your neighbors and other residents so that we can hear from as many as possible. Any household that we have not been able to contact by email can still participate by going to our web page at

Thank you for participating and supporting this important initiative! The results of this study will be posted at at the end of January 2020.
Oregon Broadband Office