Thank You for Your Support from Tillamook County Commissioner-Elect Mary Faith Bell

I couldn’t be more proud to be Tillamook County Commissioner Elect. I am humbled and honored and eager to get to work.
I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me and voted for me. This victory belongs as much to the people who helped me as it does to me. There was a small army of people working on my campaign, many of whom I didn’t ask, and some of whom I didn’t know. It was an extraordinary thing, to be the recipient of this kind of support and I received it as the gift that it was.

Some standout individuals to whom I owe a debt of gratitude include Patty Olson from Pacific City, for recruiting me to run and for devoting herself to working for my campaign for 10 months straight. I’ve been asked, to what do I attribute my success? Largely to Patty Olson for tirelessly canvassing every community in Tillamook County in the primary and again in the general election, going door to door talking to folks about me. I barely knew Patty 10 months ago; over the course of the campaign she has become my cherished friend.
I thank Judson Randall of Oceanside for being my campaign manager. Jud did a wonderful job and I am grateful to him for volunteering.
I am grateful to Jerry Dove of Tillamook for putting up signs for me. Jerry volunteered to take care of my signs and it was a big job!
I am grateful to Sandy Tryer, my friend and campaign treasurer, and to the talented Nat Finn, both of Garibaldi, who worked on my online presence.
I am grateful to Richard Stanfill for the wonderful ads he put in the Shopper for me, for his help and advice and his friendship.
To my campaign committee and the individuals who advised me, I can’t thank you enough. To my fabulous friends who walked in parades with me, to the folks who hosted house parties and gatherings for me all over the county, to the people who endorsed me and wrote letters and postcards for me and talked to their friends and neighbors about me, thank you!
To everyone who donated to my campaign, to the people who hosted and attended fundraisers for me, thank you! To my loyal friends who came to the forums, worked at fundraiser dinners and did every possible thing to support me including walking my dogs, thank you! To my colleagues at the hospital who have helped me and encouraged me, thank you.
Recently someone said to me that he has never seen a community come together like this community came together to support me. I am deeply grateful for this outpouring of support and I very much look forward to serving you.
Mary Faith Bell