Rockaway Beach local and photographer Don Best is sadly moving out of the area to South Carolina. He will be greatly missed! His photos and presence have been a great contribution to the community and to the Pioneer. To see him off with style, we will be starting a new ongoing series- The Best Photos- featuring images taken or provided by Don Best, and the moments he has captured in our community.

Panoramic of “Kilchis flats” – south of Bay City, north of Tillamook — Tillamook lake. Photo by Don Best


Fall Foliage- Photo by Don Best


Fall Colors Vine Maple- Photo by Don Best


A historical photo from the Don Best collection of swimmers on Rockaway Beach in the 1920s. Notice the rope that many are using, and most are not wading much deeper than their knees.


Egrets at roost near the Kilchis River- Photo by Don Best


Photo by Don Best


Thank you, Don! Good luck in the next chapter of your life!