The Bond Measure for NCRD….. is not just about the pool, it is about who we are as a Community!

We ask for your support and do so with the compete understanding that timing is never quite right and for some we are asking a lot….
The good news is that the NCRD Pool is Ninety Years Old……the bad news is that the NCRD Pool is Ninety Years Old – the second oldest pool in the United States in continuous operation. That fact speaks volumes about who we are!
We have to put the value and quality of people’s lives over the costs of ordinary things.

It is about a community’s 90 year history of insuring its children’s quality of life is enhanced by being taught to swim. Just come to the Annual Poolathon and see. It is also about providing a means for its older citizens to confront their twilight years in such a way that ensures the dignity of the individual and their ability to not be a burden to their family, friends or society by maintaining their health both physically and mentally.
Our tiny pool receives more than 31,000 visits per year …..Plus, we have taught over 10,000 children to swim and many of those former students have save other lives……..including our own Jim Mudd………..And no one taught to swim at NCRD has ever drowned……in 90 years! What other Community can point to that?
But nothing lasts forever. The new pool will cost around $9.2mm. The pool itself (hole in the ground) costs less than $1mm but the building, UV water purification system, solar heating, prevailing wage requirements, ADA and environmental requirements make up the rest of the costs. This is not a Taj Mahal but a pool for the next 90 years.
We have been forced to pursue the Loan/Bond course of action and we have contracted SDAO – Special Districts of Oregon to provide technical advise. We have ZERO debt and impeccable audited financials.
The dilemma we face is that philanthropic support has changed and building costs continue to spiral upwards. No longer are philanthropies providing start up money but instead want to see 50% in our bank (we have $2mm and that is why we are borrowing $3,000,000mm) before even considering the merits of our project. Plus, we will set aside money annually for an “endowment” fund to ensure the pools future maintenance and upkeep. And we will always continue to fund raise.
Interest rates are at historic lows. The estimated tax rate for the bond is for 13.35 cents per $1000.00 of valuation. This is an estimate but the final number will be close to that but can’t be guaranteed because there can be changes in property taxes in the district.
By replacing the antiquated pool we also continue to set an example for our children of how important it is for each succeeding generation to renew their commitment to their community by providing the means for all us to grow and prosper not just as individuals but as an extended family who recognize and maintain their commitment to each other.
We thank you for your support over the years; over 550 private donors; three foundations; and over 1750 signatures in support of the pool, to date.
We encourage you to please vote YES for the NCRD Bond Measure.
NCRD Board of Trustees