The Coastal Buzz: Episode #3 – Exploring the Coast – Fisher Poets & DeGarde Brewing

The Coastal Buzz with Walter Mills is back – heading north to Astoria with a feature about Fisher Poets, happening this weekend virtually. Then Mills heads south to Tillamook for a taste of DeGarde Brewing.
This week, February 24th, we speak with Jon Broderick of Fisher Poets to discuss this years Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria and we Speak with Trevor Rogers of DeGarde Brewing in Tillamook and learn all about Wild Fermentation as we talk sour beers!

The FisherPoets Gathering * February 25- 27, 2021
* We’re trying something entirely new while we wait for the pandemic tide to change. Join us online Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings February 25, 26 and 27. In addition we’ll have a virtual workshop or two Saturday and this month Astoria galleries are keeping the FisherPoets Gathering pilot light burning with work by George Wilson, Duncan Berry and Toby Sullivan. For more information go to