The Future of The Wave – Re-elect Jim Huffman

The Tillamook County Transportation District, a.k.a. The Wave, is one of the best examples of a high-quality, reputable, efficient organization serving and benefitting Tillamook County. The TCTD operates in a manner that inspires quality: low key professionals operate according to a visionary plan, develop strategic relationships that benefit our residents, constantly review and improve on the services offered, and assist partner organizations in achieving mutual goals. TCTD helps people get to work, medical appointments, entertainment opportunities, and even to catch flights. (More than once the ride on The Wave has been the most enjoyable part of my traveling experience.) Each time I come across one of The Wave’s busses, a smile lightens up my face, and pride fills my heart.

The desire to preserve this valuable resource for our community led me to file for the TCTD board, and a misunderstanding led me to file for Position #6. A careful evaluation of the district’s board has convinced me that the residents in our community are best served through the re-election of Jim Huffman to Position #6 on the Tillamook County Transportation District.
It is too late to have my name removed from the ballot, so I turn to the media to advocate for the voters in Tillamook County to join me in supporting Jim Huffman’s re-election to the Tillamook County Transportation District.

David McCall
Bay City