The ‘indefinitely’ … entering month two of Shelter-In-Place. A Love Letter.

A Long Love Letter to Our Community ❤
April 13, 2020
By Amanda Cavitt, co-owner Garibaldi Portside Bistro
What interesting times we’re in right now. And I say “we” because we are all in this together. All of you, and all of us. Four weeks ago when restaurants in our state moved to Take Out and Delivery only, we could only think of immediate solutions to get us through what we hoped would be short-lived. But recently these limitations have been extended indefinitely. That is a long time for all of us. I say “us,” because you are in this together with us. There is not one person that COVID-19 has not made some kind of impact. Socializing, grocery shopping, online shopping, paying rent, going to work, unending zoom meetings, it’s all new-new territory.
“Indefinitely” means continuing to sacrifice, prioritize and figure out what is the new normal, doesn’t it?
The new normal for us right now is not being able to provide our entire menu or receive our regular supply shipments, both of which have backboned us for years.
No. You’re right. It’s nobody’s fault.

But no matter what, it is essential to be flexible and resilient in the restaurant industry, but right now that sentiment could not be truer. And all of you have been weighing the storm with us. We could not be more grateful.
But it’s scary. Isn’t it?
We’re scared of another missed summer in our new building. We’re scared of permanently losing great employees because they will eventually need to get another job as “indefinitely” is understandably much too long for them. We’re scared that we may never be able to bounce back to what was once our normal, and all those years cramped in the little bistro kitchen along with all those months working two fronts as we eventually succumbed to the inevitability of a “gut-to-stud” renovation will be lost to the financial tidal waves breaching the coast’s shores.
Rationality feels like a coin toss in such moments, but who wants to peak out behind covered eyes to see which side flipped up on the new-new-installed flooring?
But we all are also brave. Aren’t we?
All of us wake up to face another day of uncertainty. We’re brave because we continue to show up every day to be there for you and you continue to show up for us. We’re brave because we keep moving forward when the current is pushing back and you continue to keep us afloat.
In a time of Social Distancing and Isolation, we have never felt so much support from our community. It makes being brave while being scared seems so much less uncertain.
We want to thank our community for everything you’ve done and will continue to do for the restaurant industry.
Our city, port and county officials thoughtfully weigh and measure what is in all of our best interests. Our local Chamber of Commerce, SBDC and Visit Tillamook Coast has done an incredible job of lifting restaurants and retail. And last but not least our family, friends, neighbors, and guests just keep overwhelming us with their unending solidarity.
We are indefinitely in your favor. We are indefinitely in awe of our Oregon Coast Family. And we are indefinitely committed to serving our community.
That could not be more evident than it is right now. Trying times creates stronger people, stronger businesses and stronger communities.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Amanda, Dennis, Kitt, and Team Bistro