Thinking Things Through:  Purposeful Change

By Chris Wagner

A question I hear a lot these days is: Can people change? Most of the time, the answer is no.  That one’s personality and basic makeup are formed early and stay the same throughout life seems to be a given.  This has bothered me because I truly believe that with an open-minded attitude and willingness to be honest, change is always possible.

However, it’s probably the fact that it does take intention, discipline and effort that people resist change.  It could be easier to blame others or just refuse to see patterns that are destructive.  My feeling is that we all have issues that get in our way, affect how we feel about ourselves, and how we relate to others.  Understanding this is the first step toward becoming more fulfilled and less stressed.  If I stop and think before I speak, and stop endlessly worrying about negative reactions from others, I can build stronger and more lasting relationships.  If I begin to change my diet and eat healthier foods, I may feel better and start to lose those extra pounds.  If I tune into how I make impulsive decisions, then maybe I’ll be able to start satisfying my real needs.

For me, change is about using my power to free myself from old ways that don’t work and feeling able to move forward toward my authentic and higher self.  It has led not to happiness or unhappiness, but to a feeling of contentment. A comfortable place and one I wish for everyone.

So, this column called “Thinking Things Through” will hopefully facilitate the practice of looking inward with honesty with a goal of taking care of those things that keep us from experiencing contentment, better health and a peaceful mind.  My curiosity has led me toward reading, studying and thinking about issues that affect the human condition and I’m honored to have a chance to share.  The big change for me is going from mostly personal journaling to writing for publication.  It’s a little scary, but also exciting and provides the opportunity to share my experiences to hopefully help others with this journey called life.  Everyone’s journey is unique, but the knowledge that comes from our individual situations are relatable, and we can learn so much from others.

I may not get columns out quickly, but please know that after taking care of my health, it’s a priority to share how I’m “thinking things through”.  I will do my best.