Tierra Del Mar Volunteers Organize “Beach Watch” Campaign

By Edmund Ruttledge
Volunteers in Tierra Del Mar have started a “beach watch” campaign to document illegal overnight camping on the beach, reckless driving and vehicles entering an area where no vehicles are allowed. Photographs of this activity are being uploaded onto a website gallery called “Tierra Del Mar Beach
Watch.” Authorities are being notified each time photos are added to the gallery. The campaign was quickly organized when the Tillamook County Commissioners reopened direct access from Sandlake Road to the beach. The beach access from Sandlake Road to the beach was reopened by the Tillamook
Board of County Commissioners after providing community members in Tierra Del Mar a one day notice.

Community volunteers in the “beach watch” campaign are simply documenting the violations and are not engaging people or vehicles. Photos posted onto the gallery include detail photos of license plate numbers.
Within three days of setting up the photo gallery, there are already nineteen photos posted showing illegal overnight camping, vehicles driving beyond a large sign saying “No Vehicles Allowed” and illegal overnight parking along the shoulder on Sandlake Road. While a portion of the beach has been opened, vehicle traffic north of the access point is prohibited as it is a protected habitat. But, this has not stopped multiple vehicles from entering the protected area.

August 28, 2020 – TDM Beach Access
Motor vehicle north of the “No Vehicles Allowed” sign within an hour after the beach access being opened by the County. Photo by Ed Ruttledge

“We expect the County and Oregon Parks and Recreation to take effective enforcement measures to protect the beach habitat and our community,” said Ed Ruttledge, a Tierra Del Mar resident and organizer of the website photo gallery.
The website gallery is posted on the internet at the following link: https://eruttledge.zenfolio.com/p212129082