Tillamook 4-H Program Holds Annual Recognition Dinner

The annual 4-H Recognition Dinner was held on October 22 at Tillamook High School. There was a great attendance despite the unexpected early flooding event. Several awards were presented to deserving individuals.
Chandra Allen from TCCA presented a check for $14,790 to the Tillamook County 4-H Association, the proceeds from the Tillamook County Fair TCCA/4-H Ice Cream Booth. Chandra announced that over the past 8 years of partnership TCCA has presented over $100,000 to the Tillamook County 4-H Association. Thanks to TCCA for their support of the Tillamook County 4-H program. These funds have provided 4-H scholarships to various 4-H events, college scholarships, mini-grants to 4-H project areas for improvements at fair, purchase of equipment, and to fund 4-H activities such as the recent 4-H/OMSI Science Day.

The 2017 Sid & Lillian Johnson 4-H Inspiration Award is given to a community member or organization that has made significant contributions to the 4-H program over time. This year the Tillamook County Fairgrounds Management Team was recognized for their unwavering support of the Tillamook County 4-H program. The 4-H program truly appreciates the support of Camy VonSoggern, Fair Manager, Audra Bugger & Josie Hoopes, Office Staff and Josh Armstrong & Jerry Manderville, Maintenance.

The 4-H Outstanding Alumni award went to Neal Lemery. This award is given to one 4-H alum each year, someone who has excelled in their career, leadership and community service. This year’s recipient has certainly done that and done so with a smile on his face. The Tillamook County 4-H program would like to thank Neal for all he has done, and continues to do, for 4-H and his community.
The 2017 Friends of 4-H awards that are presented to individuals and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding support of the 4-H program during the previous year. Friends of 4-H awards were presented to: Kevin & Debbie Queen, Dan Reeves, Lisa Crabtree, Art Accelerated and Levi Crabtree.
The Tillamook County 4-H Leader of the Year award was presented to Vicki Porter. Vicki has been a 4-H leader for 13 years. She took over one of the oldest 4-H clubs in the county when the other leaders stepped down. Unlike many leaders, she continued being a leader even after her own children graduated and were no longer in 4-H.
The Home Economics/Expressive Arts (HEART) Leader of the Year receives the Joan Powell Memorial Award and this year’s winner was Denise Porter. Denise leads the “Fields of Clover” 4-H club that participates in foods and food preservation project areas. In addition, Denise partnered with Tillamook 4-H and Open Campus to provide a series of middle school enrichment programs this summer, including a popular foods class.
4-H Leaders were also presented pins for their years of service at five year intervals. Pins were presented to the following leaders:
• First Year – Jerilee Blaser, Cindy Gardner, Lindsey Griffin, Christine Harrison, Ken Hurliman, Nicole Hurliman and Lauri Stein.
• Fifth year – Jamie Dixson, Roxanne Fletcher, Holly Obrist, Dawn Palter, Debbie Queen, Crissy Weber and Jerry Webster.
• Tenth year – Cyndie Siemsen, Amy Willison, Patrick Willison and Tanya Wehage
• Fifteenth Year – Miranda Miller
• Twentieth Year – Gina Seufert
• Thirtieth Year – Steven Kershaw & Phyllis Woods
• Fortieth Year – Desi Josi

Fairview Dairy 4-H members past and present accepting Desi Josi’s 40th year Leader Award on her behalf.
Thanks to all the 4-H leaders and others who support the 4-H program in Tillamook County.

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