Tillamook Chamber of Commerce Endorses Suzanne Weber for State Representative

The Tillamook Chamber of Commerce is stepping into the endorsement arena to support Tillamook Mayor Suzanne Weber for State Representative of House District 32.
“Elected officials play a large part of how our community operates – specifically those who build and support an active business climate in support of a healthy community,” said Executive Director/CEO Justin Aufdermauer. “Building a strong community where businesses can thrive takes strong leadership; this is why the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has chosen to endorse Suzanne Weber for State Representative.”

“Over the past several years, we have found that Suzanne has a strong record in her land use, transportation, and government regulation/taxation positions that support the free-enterprise system,” said Natalie Rieger, Board President of the Tillamook Chamber. “Suzanne also has an outstanding level of financial campaign support from Chamber members and the business community across the district.”
Until now, the Tillamook Chamber has not had a history of candidate endorsements. Prior to Suzanne Weber, Aufdermauer said the Chamber has only received one request that was not considered due to the Chamber’s policies around advocacy and endorsements at that time. However, Aufdermauer said earlier this year the Chamber sent out a membership survey that indicated that Chamber members viewed policy and candidate endorsement as important roles for the Chamber.
“While the Chamber Board of Directors saw Suzanne Weber as an outright endorsement, the Chamber’s Advocacy Team will be developing a comprehensive endorsement policy moving forward,” Aufdermauer said.
The Chamber Board of Directors added that they will strive to endorse candidates with proven collaborative approaches, and who support the needs and values of business, while striving to balance their ideologies and deliver results.
“Suzanne was a clear endorsement as she possesses the leadership qualities and abilities that result in effective consensus building to achieve meaningful results,” Rieger said. “ As we look through the eyes of business owners and their employees, we believe collaborative solutions are necessary for affordable housing, effective transportation, quality education, local safety and fiscal diligence in both investments and taxation at the local, state and national level.”
Suzanne Weber is running against Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, of Astoria, for State Representative of House District 32. Boothe-Schmidt has had no contact with the Tillamook Chamber of Commerce at the time of this release.