Tillamook Chiropractic Clinic Security Breach – Lessons for Doctors, Medical Practices, Businesses and the General Public About Cyber Security


By Laura Swanson, Tillamook County Pioneer
According to information security specialist Jeremy Saldate, president of Harmonium LLC, the recent security breach at Tillamook Chiropractic should be a message to other medical practices and businesses about, “Maintaining diligent vigilance when it comes to information security. People here are lulled into a false sense of security, because it’s a small town, it won’t happen here.” But in reality, rural areas are more vulnerable to international cyber security breaches. “When I inquire about businesses cyber-security, I often hear, ‘I have IT people’. Those are the people that keep systems running; information security people – securing information and network security – breaches, malware, that’s different,” Saldate explains. He continued, “I ask key questions – do you have for last 12 months a penetration test report on your network? Have you done due diligence to protect patients’ health or customer information? Just the paperwork or a network security audit?” Businesses and medical practices interested in learning more about Harmonium’s network security audit and other services, can contact Jeremy Saldate at 503-207-6400 or email to sales @ harmoniumllc.com

The same message should now be loud and clear to the general public as well – with recent national security issues with Facebook and regionally, Burgerville. Now hitting close to home with over 4,000 records. What can you do to protect yourself?
Again – due diligence … Here are some tips from Saldate’s company, Harmonium LLC:
Make sure software and firmware security updates are installed regularly on every machine on your network- including computers, printers, tablets and smartphones.
• Backup all systems regularly to a set of removable disks.
• Use unique, lengthy, complex passwords/passphrases on every website or user account. Do not share passwords between websites. Use a password as long as the account will allow.
• Use a password manager, such as 1Password or Dashlane, to store your passwords.
• Use two-factor authentication everywhere it is available. However, not all forms of two-factor authentication are created equal.
• Upgrade your antivirus to include a more modern detection system, such as Cylance Home.
• Install ad blockers on all web browsers.
If you’ve been affected by the Tillamook Chiropractic Clinic breach:
• Monitor your credit report. Obtain & review a copy of your credit report at least annually.
• Monitor your bank accounts closely. Any instances of fraud should be reported to your bank within two days of each monthly statement.
• If you believe an incident of fraud or identity theft has occurred, you can work with credit grantors to close fraudulent accounts, place a freeze on your credit file with each of the three major credit agencies, and report the incident to local law enforcement or the FBI at: www.ic3.gov.
• Experian can be reached at: 1 (888) 397-3742 or http://www.experian.com/ consumer-information/cis-contact-business.html
• Equifax can be reached at: 1 (800) 727-8495 or https://www.equifax.com/ personal/contact-us/
• TransUnion can be reached at: 1 (800) 813-5604 or https://www.transunion.com/ customer-support/contact-us-consumers
• You can also notify the Federal Trade Commission by following the steps outlined at https://www.identitytheft.gov/ or call 1877-ID-THEFT (438-4338).
• If you would like additional resources relating to protecting yourself from identity theft, you can visit Oregon’s Consumer Protection website located at https:// www.doj.state.or.us/consumer-protection/id-theft-data-breaches/identity-theft/.